4 Reasons Why People Use Resistance Bands

People Use Resistance Bands Because...

1. Whether you are an expert or a beginner fitness person, resistance bands offer a great wide range of resistances (5 different resistances) that is meant for everyone. You are also able to use multiple bands at the same time to find that perfect resistance for different exercises. 

2. You can incorporate resistance bands into almost any exercise you already do to trigger those small muscles that you wouldn't normally get to them, giving you more definition in your muscles and increasing flexibility and mobility. Exercises like push-ups, squats etc..

3. You can work out your entire body with just a set of resistance bands! 

4. They're small enough to be taken to EVERYWHERE. Whether you travel a lot or just don't feel like going home, take those bands out and start working out anywhere! We have girls that workout in their office with orun resistance bands!

Be gold. Be you.

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