4 Rules to Lose Body Fat in 30 Days

You can, in fact, lose 20 lbs of body fat in 30 days by optimizing any of the 3 factors below. - Tim Ferriss

1. Exercise

2. Diet

3. Supplements/drug 

But here are 4 general rules, or rather guideline, to follow if you decide you need to shed some body fat.


4 Rules to Shed Body Fat

Rule 1: Avoid white carbohydrates except within 1.5 hours of resistance-training of at least 20 minutes of workout time. Things like: bread, rice, cereal, fried food, pasta, etc. A general rule of thumb is, if you avoid eating anything white, you'll be ok :) 

Rule 2: Eat the same meal over and over again. Whether your goal is to gain muscle or lose fat, most successful dieters eat the same meals over and over again. They don't eat exactly the same meal every single meal but they do mix and match from the following groups below:

Proteins: eggs, chicken breasts or thighs, grass-fed organic beef, pork

Legumes: lentils, black beans, pinto beans

Vegetables: spinach, asparagus, peas, mixed vegetables

You can eat as much as you like from the above group. Mix and match so you don't get tired of eating the exact same meals. One thing to note is to keep it simple and pick 3 to 4 meals from the above groups and repeat. 

Some athletes eat 6 - 8 times per day! This is to break up the caloric overload which contributes to fat gains. We usually recommend 4 times a day. One in the morning (within 30 minutes of waking up), lunch, a smaller lunch, dinner, 

Rule #3: Drink a lot of water. Any unsweetened ice tea, diet sodas, coffee (without any cream or sugar), or other non-caloric beverages would do. Avoid juice, milk, and normal soft drinks. 

Rule #4: Have a cheat day. Eat whatever it is you like for one day of the week. Interestingly, a dramatic increase in calorie intake in this way can help you lost fat! How!? by ensuring your metabolic rate (thyroid function etc.) doesn't downregulate from extended caloric restriction. Aren't you happy to know that you could lose weight by eating junk food!?

Source: Tim Ferriss Blog


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