Common Questions About Resistance Bands

Here are some common questions about resistance bands!


Q: What is the major benefit of using the resistance loop bands?

A: Check out our blog "Why People Use Resistance Bands"


Q: When should I reorder a new set of bands?

A: Typically after about 150 - 200 times of usage. Translated to days, that would be about every 4 to 5 months. But this differs from person to person! For the average, 4 months is a good time to switch.


Q: What makes orun brand bands different?

A: We could write a book on this! But we'll keep it very short! Orun bands are created from AAA graded 100% natural latex from England. We've tested hundreds of manufacturers and their materials before we choose what we have today. We can proudly say that our bands are the top quality resistance bands you can purchase today. 


Q: Why do I see so many pro athletes using your bands?

A: If we had to guess it would have to be quality and our brand. We stand to support your life journey as we see your health as one of the most important aspects of life. We want to be a small part and support you the best that we can by providing you with the best product we can produce with the best design we can create. 

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